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Virginia Cawthorn Bible College (V.C.B.C.)

What We Do is Simple:
Quality “Online Courses” that Enhance Bible Study Skills and Enrich Lives. Self-Paced Single Courses • Diploma Program • Theology Program

•    Virginia Cawthorn Bible College (VCBC) offers Biblically and spiritually-based diploma/certificate programs and affordable courses perfect for dedicated students with biblical/theological interests.

•    Our self-paced courses and diplomas/certificates programs are excellent for enhancing biblical studies, practical life-skills, personal skills, and professional skills.

•    Our professors are carefully selected for high educational standards and have a minimum of fully accredited Graduate degrees as well as Doctoral degrees.  


 •    Take a single course for $75. 
•    Enroll in one of our diploma programs for as little as $125 down. 

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Single Courses

  • Categories Include: 

  • Intro. to New Testament Greek

  • Eschatology

       (study of "last things")

  • Intro. to Biblical Hermeneutics

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