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Our Online Campus

Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute Online Campus

In days gone by, the only way for students to go to college was to attend in person on a physical college campus. But since the early 1990’s, much—if not most—of the world has come to rely on one of the greatest inventions that humanity has ever devised: the Internet. Never before has so much information, knowledge, and opportunity been so freely available to the common person, and never before has a vehicle existed that has had the potential to bring together and unite masses of like-minded individuals with common objectives. The Internet is not only a vast library of human knowledge; it is a vast network of individual human experiences.

Along with all the changes in technology we have seen over the past two decades (in particular), people have grown and adapted to new ways of doing things, and this includes how they receive their education. Academic colleges and universities have seen the value of online learning for many years, and most of these institutions offer some type of online campus for students who are not able to attend college in person.The VCBI Canvas Dashboard - Your Starting Point for Courses and Information.

Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute has taken the same approach in order to reach more students the world over. Rather than invest in and operate an expensive onsite physical campus, VCBI utilizes an "online campus" where students can benefit from the convenience of studying at home or wherever they happen to be, and at their own pace. Maintaining an online campus allows VCBI to offer comprehensive, quality biblical, theological and spiritual training at a much lower tuition rate. One hundred percent of what you need is contained in the respective online courses including exams.

As the primary part of our online campus, all VCBI students have access to an individual CANVAS Dashboard as the main portal for their studies. The Dashboard provides access to all enrolled courses, orientation and how-to video tutorials, etc.

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