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Enrollment & Tuition Information

Enrollment & Tuition Information

Enrollment Eligibility  
•    Enrollment is open to anyone of good character who is at least 18 years old regardless of their country of residence.
•    There are no prerequisites, but students must be able to speak and write in English.
•    Anyone who has ever been legally classified as a sex offender or sexual predator, or who has ever been convicted of child abuse is ineligible to receive our diplomas or certificates at any time.
Tuition and Fees

  • All single course tuition rates are $75.00 (U.S. Funds).

  • All diploma program tuition rates are $125.00 down payment (U.S. Funds) plus additional $75.00 single course rate.

  • All diploma program tuition plans include:

  • Diploma in Biblical Studies.

  • All required courses listed. 

  • All online study material included (additional book fees possible).   

  • All online exams and assignments.   

  • Instructor access and support.   

  • Diplomas (digital PDF for print).


•    Using Federal Student Loans, Grants, and VA Benefits: Unfortunately, federal accreditation is unavailable to VCBI.             Therefore, we are unable to accept any form of tuition payment that requires federal accreditation. (see “accreditation” tab)
•    All tuition payments are processed via paypal to Matthew Cawthorn Evangelistic Association, Inc.
•    We accept PayPal and major debit/credit cards via PayPal. 
•    You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use a debit/credit card. Just follow the instructions carefully.
•    For automatic monthly payment plans, you do need a PayPal account to set the payments up yourself. 
•    Refund Policy. Since VCBI courses and intellectual property are digital in nature, no tuition refunds can be given for any course in which a student is or has been enrolled for any reason. Application fees charged at initial enrollment are non-refundable. Refunds for tuition credits are not available. Refunds for courses in which the student has not been enrolled will only be made to students who officially withdraw from the VCBI Diploma Program. In such cases, the refund will be made using the same method in which the student paid (if possible) less a $50 processing fee. In some cases, due to banking processes, refunds may not appear for up to two weeks.
Previous Degrees, Life Experience, and Transferring Course Credits
•    Due to the proprietary nature of the VCBI Curriculum, we do not give grade credits for life experience or transfer credits for courses obtained outside of VCBI Schools.
Diploma Program Credit for Single Courses Taken at VCBI
•    Students who have taken one or more single courses here at VCBI can receive course and tuition credits should they decide to enroll in the VCBI Diploma Program.
•    Students who are considering enrolling in the VCBI Diploma Program can start with a single course of their choosing and receive both a grade and tuition credit for it if they enroll in a diploma program. The single course taken must be one of the required courses for the specific diploma program desired.
•    Students who have taken five or more single courses here at VCBI can redeem them for an Associate’s Diploma in Biblical Studies by completing the graduation assignment and submitting a $100 graduation fee. 


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