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in partnership with
Oral Roberts University Bible Institute

  • VIRGINIA CAWTHORN BIBLE INSTITUTE HAS PARTNERED with Oral Roberts University Bible Institute


  • ​Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute has partnered with Oral Roberts University Bible Institute which has established the Bible Institute Certificate and Diploma Program to complement the equipping ministries of the local church.

  • Through the Bible Institute program, VCBI is enabled to "link arms" with the ORU Bible Institute to offer Short-Term Theological Certificates and the Diploma of Theological Studies for the equipping of the believers for the ministry (Eph. 4:12).

  • Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute is administered under the direction and tutelage of Dr. Matthew Cawthorn who has researched and taught Biblical Studies since 1991. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia as well as his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at Oral Roberts University. He is the author of books, audios, and biblical concepts on a variety of topics.

  • Dr. Cawthorn presently teaches University level classes in the Social Sciences Department of a fully-accredited college.

  • Dr. Cawthorn has designed the VCBI Online Program especially for busy adults who want the knowledge and diplomas,  but who simply cannot spend several years in getting them (as is normally required with traditional colleges and universities).

  • Our Biblical Studies diploma program is simple and straightforward; we have streamlined it by offering our classes in carefully designed online "modules" in an accelerated format to save you time and money thereby allowing you to use your knowledge and expertise much faster than usual.


How Our VCBI Courses are Structured

  • Each course is divided into "Modules," much like chapters in a book. The average course has up to twelve modules or segments, but several advanced and certification courses will have more.

  • Each Module has written study material in PDF format. Students can download and print the study material for future reference.

  • Some Modules feature video and audio components as well as other resources, such as powerpoint presentations to aid in learning.

  • Most courses have a final exam or quizzes consisting of multiple-choice and true/false questions.

  • Many courses also contain a short essay question on the quiz. Advanced and certification courses include written assignments as well. Grading is the standard A, B, C, D, F scale. The minimum passing grade is the standard C- (70%).

  • Course content is comprehensive and adheres to high educational standards.

  • Courses are designed to be challenging-but-achievable—even if you haven't taken a course in years.

How Our Courses are Taken

Courses are 100% online and are taken one at a time in the order they are listed on the specific diploma/certificate program description page. Study for your Biblical Studies Diploma anywhere, anytime.

A normal desktop or laptop computer is recommended, but students can also use tablets. Just remember that there will be some minimal writing in most courses. Use the device you are most comfortable with.

Simply start with Module 1 by reading the written study material. Study it well enough to get the sense of what it is teaching.

Review any supplemental resources such as videos or audios.

Then move on to Module 2, and so on.

Once you have carefully and thoroughly studied the material in all segments, you can complete the online quiz and get your Certificate of Completion.

You can now move on to your next course.

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