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V.C.B.I. Diploma/Certificate Programs



​Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute has partnered with Oral Roberts University Bible Institute which has established the Bible Institute Certificate and Diploma Program to complement the equipping ministries of the local church.

Through the Bible Institute program, VCBI is enabled to "link arms" with the ORU Bible Institute to offer Short-Term Theological Certificates and the Diploma of Theological Studies for the equipping of the believers for the ministry (Eph. 4:12).

Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute "Short-term 19-credit-hour Certificates" have been approved for offering in the Diploma of Theological Studies V.C.B.I. Bible Institute program. These Certificates will provide options for those who want shorter training than the 33-credit-hour Diploma of Theological Studies, yet using the same curriculum.

These Certificates also provide options for V.C.B.I. Bible Institute students who need a short-term incentive to aim for, or who for one reason or another cannot complete the 33-credit-hour program. We are offering one general theological Certificate and five specialized Certificates with required courses and electives in each.

Each Certificate requires a 1-credit-hour Ministry Practicum to provide hands-on practical ministry training experience. The Diploma of Theological Studies is awarded at 33 credit hours, and the ministry/student has the freedom of choosing the courses taken within the Diploma.

Students completing the program will receive a certificate or diploma from Virginia Cawthorn Bible Institute and the Oral Roberts University Bible Institute.  


Some of the coursework can be transferred into ORU’s undergraduate degree programs.

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