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V.C.B.I. Course Offerings

Biblical Studies 

DBIB-110 Old Testament Survey

DBIB-120 New Testament Survey

DBIB-362 Life of Christ 

DBIB-363 End Time Events (Biblical Eschatology)

DBIB-364 Life of Paul 

DBIB-374 Romans: Your Path to Victory

DBIB-376 Hebrews and General Epistles 

DBIB-400 Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)

DBIB-421 Pentateuch 

DBIB-424 Hebrew Prophets 

DBIB-437 Poetic Literature of the Old Testament

DBIB-455 Luke/Acts 


Theological and Historical Studies

DTHE-101 Holy Spirit in the Now

DTHE-230 Christian Faith and Ministry

DTHE-303 Major World Religions 

DTHE-304 Contemporary Religions/Cults

DTHE-313 Biblical Doctrines I 

DTHE-314 Biblical Doctrines II

DTHE-399 Signs and Wonders I 

DTHE-400 Signs and Wonders II (Principles & Patterns of Divine Healing)

DTHE 410 Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare 

DTHE 415 Apologetics 

DTHE-444 Contemporary Theology (DTHE-230 or DTHE- 313 & 314 and DTHE-454 Prerequisite) 

DTHE-453 History of Christianity I

DTHE-454 History of Christianity II 

Practices of Ministry 

DPRM-300 History & Philosophy of Christian Education

DPRM-301 Intro. to Christian Caregiving 

DPRM-305 Teaching the Bible 

DPRM-312 Faith and Human Development

DPRM-317 Principles of Biblical Counseling

DPRM-320 Ministry Practicum 

DPRM-321 Christian Approaches to Counseling

DPRM-325 Intro. to Christian Missions 

DPRM-333 Ministry and Leadership Development

DPRM-340 Sermon Preparation 

DPRM-402 Discipleship and Small Groups

DPRM 404-Church Growth and Planting

DPRM-405 Crisis Intervention 

DPRM-418 Marriage and Family 

DPRM-429 Intro. to Codependency Counseling

DPRM-430 Evangelism 

DPRM-449 Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse

DPRM-454 Youth Ministry 

DPRM-460 Church Administration

DPRM-461 Prayer 

*Note: Some course offerings above will be offered based upon qualified professors to cover the material. Therefore,

the above course listings are "tentatively" offered classes based upon student demand and coverage.  Contact V.C.B.I.

for more information.

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