About Accreditation

Are VCBC Diplomas & Certificates "Real"?

Yes, Virginia Cawthorn Bible College Diplomas are "real" diplomas. They are just different than traditional degrees. This does not make them less valid or less legal; it simply makes them different.

VCBC diplomas are religious (non-secular) in nature and are granted by the authority of the Matthew Cawthorn Evangelistic Association, Inc. (MCEA), a religious non-profit 501(c)(3) organization authorized by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to conduct religiously-based training.

As such, our non-secular diplomas cannot be used in place of an academic (secular) degree to secure employment when an academic degree is required, but they are invaluable to those who wish to pursue alternative careers (or second careers) in some religious or church-related fields. It must be remembered that our diploma/certificate programs offered by VCBC are considered lay specializations and are not ministerial in nature.

VCBC diplomas are legal and bona-fide certificates that must be earned. Life experience, while invaluable, cannot be applied to any diploma or substituted for any course. If you desire a traditional academic degree that can be used to secure traditional employment, please choose a federally recognized and accredited university or college.

About Accreditation

It is important for prospective students to understand that academic degrees and non-academic degrees are different in nature and, therefore, cannot be viewed in the same way regarding accreditation.


Since our degrees are religious and non-secular or non-academic in nature, they are not accredited by any academic or governmental accrediting agency and cannot be transferred to traditional academic colleges or universities.


Matthew Cawthorn Evangelistic Association, Inc. promotes high educational standards in that only high-quality content must be used in courses, diplomas must be earned through diligent study, transcripts must be maintained indefinitely and available upon the student's request, and strict records are to be maintained regarding student educational activity while the courses are taken.

VCBC is privately accredited but not federally accredited. Therefore, students cannot use federal grants, student loans, or military funding for their VCBC diploma tuition. This is one reason why VCBC tuition rates/single course rates are affordable with no-interest payment plans available.

While accreditation is important to some people, prospective students of VCBC diplomas are encouraged to consider a particular school's policies on quality, and focus on whether the curriculum meets their individual needs. And by the way, this honest and forthright discussion of accreditation is just one more reason to choose Virginia Cawthorn Bible College for your Biblical Studies diploma.