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Matthew Cawthorn Evangelistic Association, believes that changing our communities will take place one life at a time.  If our communities are to see positive change, it will be accomplished by changing the hearts of its residents.  We believe that the Kingdom of God is built and advanced on relationships.  Therefore, our focus will always be relational.  Our belief is that no one can resist true love because it covers the multitude of sins.  (1Peter 4:8 )

Will you partner with us to help in advancing the Gospel to the residents of our State, Our Nation, and the World? Our lost and hurting world needs your commitment, your love and your sacrifice.



We value Evangelism that reaches those outside of our churches with the Gospel of God’s Grace & Peace.  (Luke 19:10) 

Cultural relevancy

We endeavor to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to society in ways it can understand.  We reach beyond our own culture as we focus on having an effective impact on other  cultures with the Gospel.

(1 Corinthians 9:22)

Developing community In-roads

We believe that being active in the community and developing relationships and networking among its leaders and others are significant for Kingdom impact.  (Luke 16:8)

Preaching and teaching

We strive to preach and teach God’s Word with integrity and authority.  This enables seekers to find Christ and believers to mature in Him.  (2 Timothy 3:16)


We value discipleship that is transformational.  This turns believers into Christ-followers and encourages people to actively become involved in ministry.  It also is designed to encourage people to discover their own spiritual gifts to serve.              (Matthew 28:19)

Ministry of the Saints

We are committed to a team model for ministry and organization that equips and empowers every individual.  We are focused on producing a multiplicity of ministry as found in Ephesians 4 for the maturing of believers and their work in the ministry that God has given them.    (Ephesians 4:12-13)


Matthew Cawthorn Evangelistic Association, through its many ministries, is totally dedicated to taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world and to bringing God’s healing power to our generation.


MCEA accomplishes this mission through:


· Evangelistic outreaches domestically and internationally, preaching and praying for those in need.

· Taking your prayer requests via our toll free number 1-888-530-WLRB 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

· Medical Missions outreaches domestically and internationally, bringing medical services and supplies to those in need.

· Food programs procuring food and other humanitarian aid for needy children and adults domestically and internationally.

· Powerful Bible teaching and preaching transmitted around the world via our websites WLRB.TV, MATTHEWCAWTHORN.ORG and WLRB RADIO.

· Our ministry newsletter sent out quarterly sharing uplifting testimonies from our outreach team.

· Books, DVDs, and MP3 messages which teach encouraging and uplifting Gospel messages of God’s love and grace.

· Teaching seminars and conferences that teach Christians how to minister the Gospel to those closest to them.


· To Evangelize and win souls for Christ

· To Develop a God-centered, community-oriented ministry

· To Empower our community by implementing creative programs that meet the needs and challenges of our neighborhoods

· To Empower every believer to fulfill their ministry to the Body.

Every outreach activity or ministry attempts to fulfill these goals 

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